What is the purpose of vlogging?

A simple definition of vlogging can be understood as the notion of blogging under the format of video logs rather than a text based diary. In this way it can be understood as “a kind of online journal that anyone can set up for free” (Reynolds & Overton 23). In making a vlog, the producer is giving their audience a visual insight into the producer’s experiences, emotions, opinions, and interests. In this way vlogging is a sharing tool, used to expand on topics and experiences. For audiences it can be a useful way to make decisions based on other people’s experiences, and for producers this can be an exciting way to share their experiences with like-minded people. For example many people like to upload their holiday experiences to domains such as YouTube so to share them with their followers, this shows viewers possibilities for their next trip and gives the producer a visual memory of the experience. Some would suggest that most youth “spend more time on YouTube that the dying ‘major’ networks”, implying that this resource is now becoming a major source for quick and easy information, along with having the added benefit of providing a small economic profit for the producer (Reynolds & Overton 23). Hence vlogging can be seen as a creative and fun way to share and receive knowledge online, making it a successful online communication tool for different cultural interest.


Reynolds, John. M & Overton, Roger. New Media Frontier: Blogging, Vlogging, and Podcasting for Christ. Wheaton: Good News Publishers/Crossway Books, 2009. EBook.

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